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Collaborative Chat App Designed to Amplify Grassroots Activism
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WeAct: The Most Important Platform For Activists & Organizers

Smart messaging for purposeful conversations

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Communication

Eight practical steps to inform, persuade, and build relationships in your organization

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LGBTQIA+ History Month Highlight: Q&A with Sofoklis Vlachou on Being a Drag Performer in Greece

A conversation with Sofoklis Vlachou (also known as drag queen Marianah Grindr) about finding his path to performing, where inspiration comes from, and creating new virtual projects during quarantine.

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The Six Best Problem Solving Tools

With replicable examples for activists and organizers

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Take Action for Breonna Taylor

With news that officers in Breonna's case will not be held accountable, people everywhere are still fighting for justice. There is still more we must do.

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Digital Activism: 10 Ways to Help From Home

Being more connected while socially distanced.

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Beginner's Guide to Activism

From awareness to action: How to build a sustainable movement and gain traction

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How Environmentalists Can Prioritize Racial Justice

Five ways your climate movement can support Black Lives Matter