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Food Sovereignty

Heather Seely
Members Public

How to Create Better Post-COVID Food Systems: 4 Action Steps For Environmentalists

Going back to "normal” isn’t an option. How do we rebuild restorative, regenerative, and inclusive food systems?

Members Public

Changemaker Spotlight: Advancing Sustainable Food Production in Switzerland With Unlikely Ingredients

Two Swiss small business owners combat climate change and make an environmental impact by crafting plant protein products. Written by Giacomo Tabacco.

Heather Seely
Members Public

Celebrating Zapatista Uprising's 27th Anniversary: What Does it Mean for Food Sovereignty Today?

Nearly three decades since the uprising, the Zapatistas still provide a self-reliant and community-led model for grassroots food justice activists

Iro Grammatikaki
Members Public

How To Make Better Food Choices for People and the Environment

The pros and cons you should consider before shopping at the local market, farmers market, or supermarket

Libia RM
Members Public

WeAct: The Most Important Platform For Activists & Organizers

Smart messaging for purposeful conversations