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Indigenous Rights

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Honoring Human Rights Defenders and Their Fight for Justice

The idea that 'human rights' should be defended and protected might seem like common sense considering human rights frameworks are political and legal obligations. These parameters guide states towards more democratic principles, the rule of law, and provide protection for society's most vulnerable groups. However, human rights defenders widespread face

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10 Indigenous Organizations You Should Support and Follow

Indigenous-led organizations worldwide are preserving traditional ways of food, medicine, language, and art. Written by Camilla Capasso.

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Creating an Intersectional Climate Movement: Our Responsibility to Advocate For the Rights of Indigenous Communities

Activists must respectfully engage with Indigenous populations to ensure their human rights are protected on a legislative level. Written by Pallavi Chatterjee.

Heather Seely
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Celebrating Zapatista Uprising's 27th Anniversary: What Does it Mean for Food Sovereignty Today?

Nearly three decades since the uprising, the Zapatistas still provide a self-reliant and community-led model for grassroots food justice activists

Libia RM
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