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WeAct: The Most Important Platform For Activists & Organizers

WeAct: The Most Important Platform For Activists & Organizers

Smart messaging for purposeful conversations

Libia RM
Libia RM

The year 2020 has impacted the global community in more ways than one. The battle against the COVID-19 has taken center stage in the news and everyone's minds. One might think that a global pandemic might make activism take the back burner–but it hasn’t. Social injustices and the need for radical change are still very much an issue.

The right technology fuels social movements

Even before quarantine and social distancing, many social movements worldwide were already digital. Messages spread and go viral across the web with exceptional ease (e.g., hashtag activism), making social media an almost perfect ally for social movements.

Digital activism is an easy, free way to create awareness, drive or amp up social change. And we are not just talking about #Slacktivism, as it’s been proven that online efforts can spark real action and change. Think about 2009, when social media played a vital role in Iran’s uprising against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election, the Occupy movement, and the 2011’s uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. Even amid this global crisis, people have been using social media to coordinate and distribute critical resources to people in need, organize real-life protests, and highlight important political and economic issues.

Why a better tool is needed...

However, social media has its downsides. One of them is censorship. Repressive governments often control or monitor the information that flows through digital networks. The security and privacy of the people involved is another issue, as anyone can quickly gain a comprehensive picture of activists’ online activities, even when activists take precautions against surveillance. Information gathered through online surveillance often directly leads to arrests or violent repression.

Another problem that can arise from digital activism is a lack of leadership, which can make organization hard. Today’s activism tries to keep an egalitarian spirit, where everybody’s voice matters, so the focus should not be on electing leaders, but on building channels for conversation, connection, and work, where there are mechanisms and avenues for people to organize and communicate more effectively. That’s where WeAct comes in.

App Overview

WeAct is a task management and chat app, all in one, designed to amplify digital activism by translating social media awareness and passive support into sustainable action by helping grassroots organizations communicate, organize, and execute vital projects. The goal is to bring like minded individuals together to work effectively by helping them manage effective communications, onboard new members, assign tasks, and complete projects.

Let’s dive into it! In WeAct, you’ll be able to:

  • Create an organization or individual profile—highlighting your skills and the causes you are interested in.
  • Conduct polls, create groups, and spark conversations that transform into actionable to-do's.
  • Organize documents. You can import/export from various formats, like text, CVS, PDF, etc.
  • Assign and supervise the completion of tasks.
  • Move conversational brainstorming from Discuss to Action where participants can build, disagree, or question the issues, then vote to reach consensus on execution.
  • Plan and sync events.
  • Integrate bookmarking and storage services such as Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive.

WeAct is as helpful for established organizations as it is for people who are drawn to a cause and want to get involved but are unsure about where to start. The best thing about WeAct is that it has a very friendly, intuitive interface, which you can quickly figure out how to use. It’s also ideal to use in short bursts between other tasks if you are really busy. Think of it as a WhatsApp meets Trello, with fewer apps required. Sounds fun?

With WeAct you’ll have:

  • More focused, less scattered communication.
  • Less ambiguity and human oversight.
  • More dynamic collaboration and time efficiency.

WeAct is immensely helpful for activists to organize mobilizations and protests without having to worry about privacy or security issues. There is the capability to add end to end encryption, which is a method of secure communication that prevents third parties from accessing data while it's transferred from one end system or device to another.

We would love to hear from you! Do you have any questions about the app? How do you think your organization will use WeAct? Let us know below👇

WeAct will be free to download for Android and iOS devices.

Download the WeAct App Beta!
First step Download WeAct from one of the links below. On iPhones you will be asked todownload their beta management app called, TestFlight. This will be a one timedownload and won’t be needed for future updates. Android Phones [] …